What we do:

At Echelon Supply and Service, our focus is hose! We are specialized in the fabrication of custom hose assemblies and kits as well as bulk distribution of hose, fittings, equipment and accessories. Specialized crimping capabilities handling up to 12” flanges and hydrostatic testing to 50,000 psi. We provide VMI, JIT delivery scheduling and site surveys. Echelon Supply and Service is ISO 9001:2015, TSSA certified to produce CRN hose assemblies and registered with the CSA to assemble and test propane and natural gas hose assemblies. All 6 locations are equipped with counter service for on the spot skilled and friendly service.

Who we are:

Echelon Supply and Service has been dedicated to providing outstanding products and services since it was established in 1976 – over 43 years.  We strive to provide insightful customer service with experienced and knowledgeable staff. As the exclusive representative of Forsaflex hydraulic and industrial products, we maintain fully stocked warehouses in 6 locations across Canada, reliably serving a wide range of industries. We are committed to partnering with manufacturers who have proven themselves to be industry leaders, backed by quality raw materials, innovation and engineering.

With our ISO 9001 and TSSA registration we can produce CRN certified and tested hose assemblies. Additionally, we are also registered with the CSA to assemble and test propane and Natural Gas hose assemblies.

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