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Parker / Page International
Heavy Wall Smooth Bore PTFE Hose

Heavy Wall Smooth Bore PTFE Hose


Vendor: Parker / Page International



PARKER/PAGE International Smoothbore PTFE Hose is specified in many of the most challeng­ing industrial applications.
The extruded PTFE tube has excellent flex life, high temperature tolerance and superior chemical resistance.
PARKER/PAGE PTFE is steam compatible and non adhesive, making it an excellent choice for applications requiring steam cleaning of an assembly or transfer of highly viscous media such as adhesives and paints.

PARKER/PAGE PTFE hose products are FDA compliant and an ideal choice for food and beverage applications.
In addition to high temperature hydraulic and pneumatic systems, such as those found in steel mills, foundries, transit buses and air compressors are examples of industrial applications that showcase PARKER/PAGE hose as a problem solver.

PARKER/PAGE International Smooth Bore Hoses are available in both standard (.030) wall and heavy (.040) wall sizes.
Extra heavy wall hoses are available for special application requirements.

Non Conductive & Conductive

Some applications require conductivity of the tube in order to dissipate static build up.
PARKER/PAGE International offers a full range of smooth bore hoses with non-conductive (natural) and conductive (black) inner core to meet today's most demanding applications.
This tubing may be supplied with a fully conductive liner and also, a fully conductive tube.

Fully conductive tubes are available in PTFE and PFA.
Industrial grade conductivity conforms to AMS-H-27267, having a minimum conductance of 10-20 micro amps with 1,000 vdc applied over a 14" length.
Upon special request an ISO grade conforming to a maximum of a 1 mega ohm resistance over a one meter length when tested in accordance with ISO 8031 is available.

  • PTFE is Extremely Chemical Resistant - (Non- Corrosive)
  • Environmentally Safe - (Low Effusion)
  • Non-Adhesive
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Long Life Expectancy
  • Maximum Durability

(.040 Wall) Heavy Wall Smooth Bore PTFE Hose

PAGE 540 Series hose is manufactured as above, however, with a minimum wall thickness of .040" resulting in 33% more PTFE than other manufacturers.
The additional tubing thickness provides an improved bend radius, greater kink resistance and decreased gas permeation.

All ratings based on 72°F (22°C) - All dimensions nominal - Working pressures and vacuum ratings may vary depending upon end connections and process and temperature parameters.


-100°F to +450°F (-73°C to 232°C)

S40 (Natural) & S40B (Conductive) - PTFE Heavy Wall with Stainless Steel Braid
Dash Number Part Number Hose ID Hose OD Bend Radius PSI Burst Pressure Request a Quote
Natural Conductive
-03 03-S40 03-S40B .125 .250 1.0 3000 12000 Request Quote
-04 04-S30 04-S40B .187 .320 1.5 3000 12000 Request Quote
-05 05-S40 05-S40B .250 .375 2.0 3000 12000 Request Quote
-06 06-S30 06-S40B .312 .435 3.5 2500 10000 Request Quote
-08 08-S40 08-S40B .406 .565 4.5 2000 8000 Request Quote
-10 10-S40 10-S40B .500 .656 5.0 1750 7000 Request Quote
-12 12-S40 12-S40B .625 .780 6.0 1500 6000 Request Quote
-16 16-S40 16-S40B .875 1.050 9.0 1000 4000 Request Quote
-16Z 16Z-S40* 16Z-S40B* .875 1.100 7.3 1250 5000 Request Quote
-20Z 20Z-S40* 20Z-S40B* 1.125 1.350 11.0 1000 4000 Request Quote
*Z indicates Double Braid
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -