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Leakproof Fittings

Vendor: Alemite

Coupling Type: Miscellaneous Couplings


Leakproof fittings have a Buna-N seal instead of a ball check to provide a leakproof seal. To improve reliability the check valve, keep input passages free of foreign particles. Redundancy of seal should be provided in critical applications where back pressure must be maintained.


  • Uses a Buna-N seal instead of a ball check to provide leakproof seal
  • Use with light oils and other fluids up to 3,000 psi
  • 1634 has a steel ball check and brass seats for grease, heavy and medium oils for up to 10,000 psi
  • 1634-B has a steel ball check and brass seats and includes a dirt-excluding surface ball check up to 10,000 psi
  • Recommended Accessory: Dust Caps

Coupling Category:

Lubrication Fittings - Leakproof Fittings

Product# Type Thread Overall Length Shank Length Drill Diameter
1815 Slotted 1/8" NPTF 23/64" 19/64" N/A
1452 Slotted 1/8" NPTF 17/32" N/A N/A
Z741-A Slotted 1/4" NPTF 9/16" N/A N/A
1851 Hex 1/4"-28 NF 13/32" 19/64" N/A
3036 Str. Drive 3/8" 5/16" 3/16"
1877* Str. Drive 11/64" 1/8" .123"-.125"
1885 Str. Drive 9/32" 15/64" 1/4"
1814 Str. Drive 21/64" 9/32" 5/16"
369610 Hex 1/4"-28 NF 27/64" 19/64" 1/4"
326314 Slotted 10/32" UNF 3/8" 15/64" N/A

* 314150 is used on 1877 flush type fitting.
NOTE: Z737 is used on all standard flush type couplers.
Geometry modifications and nate materials available on request.

Flush Type Fittings

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