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Dixon Fire Equipment (Powhatan)
Dixon Spanner and Hydrant Wrenches

Dixon Spanner and Hydrant Wrenches

Vendor: Dixon Fire Equipment (Powhatan)

Coupling Type: Fire Hose Couplings

Coupling Category:

Fire Hose Fittings and Accessories

Aluminum Universal Spanner Wrench

  • for 3/4" to 3" pin lug and rocker lug couplings
  • includes gas cock shutoff, pry bar and belt hook eye
  • overall length 11-7/8"

Part # Pkg Qty Wt. (lbs)
USW 25 .62

Adjustable Hydrant Wrench

  • plated iron head and 1/2" plated steel handle
  • for pentagon nuts up to 1-3/4"
  • built-in spanner for pin or rocker lug couplings
  • overall length 16-1/4"

Part # Pkg Qty Wt. (lbs)
AHW 20 2.7

Universal Wrench

  • for pin lug or sensible (rocker) lug couplings 1" - 4-1/2"
  • a gas cock shutoff is provided in the handle
  • iron, red epoxy painted
  • overall length 11-3/4"

Part # Wt. (lbs)
233 1.16

Pigtail Adjustable Hydrant Wrench

  • double spanner head fits pin lug or rocker (sensible) lug couplings, pentagon nuts up to 1-1/2" from point to flat, 1-1/2" - 6" rocker lug caps, 2" - 4-1/2" pin lug caps, and square nuts up to 1-1/8"

Part # Wt. (lbs)

Aluminum Forestry Pocket Spanner Wrenches

  • FSW1: for use on 1" hoses only
    FSW2: for 1 and 1-1/2" hose couplings
  • meets USFDA specification 5100-101C
  • overall length 5"

Part # Wt. (lbs)
FSW1 .6
FSW2 .12

Heavy Duty Adjustable Hydrant Wrench

  • plated iron head, 7/8" plated steel handle
  • for pentagon hydrant nuts up to 1¾" from point to flat
  • notched to fit 1-1/4" square hydrant nut
  • spanner for pin lug and sensible (rocker) lug couplings, 1-1/2" thru 6"
  • overall length 18"

Part # Pkg Qty Wt. (lbs)
189 15 4.7

Hole Type Spanner Wrench

  • Rugged and dependable compact hole spanner
    designed for use on 3/4" and 1" booster hose couplings.
  • constructed of AL-MAG 35
  • overall length is 7-1/2"

Part # Wt. (lbs)
HTSW .20

Double Head Adjustable Hydrant Wrench

  • for pentagon hydrant nuts up to 1-7/8" and square heads up to 1-1/2"
  • designed to fit 3/4" - 6" rocker lug or pin lug couplings, can also be used for long handle couplings
  • ductile iron head with a deeply knurled chrome plated steel handle
  • replaceable adjustable jaw is made of manganese bronze
  • overall length 19-1/2"

Part # Wt. (lbs)
189DH 5

Storz Adjustable Hydrant Wrench

  • ductile iron head
  • knurled chrome plated handle
  • manganese bronze adjustable jaw

Part # Wt. (lbs)

5 Hole Hydrant Wrench

  • 5 pentagon holes designed to fit common hydrant nut sizes
  • built-in spanner for pin or rocker lug couplings
  • plated iron
  • overall length: 14-1/4"

Part # Pkg Qty Wt. (lbs)
PHW 25 1.94

Storz Spanner Wrench

  • for use on 4", 5" and 6" Storz couplings
  • one-piece design
  • constructed of AL-MAG 35

Part # Wt. (lbs)
SZW2 1

Grip-All Spanner Wrench

  • lightweight aluminum, fits 3/4" - 6" split lug, rocker lug and pin lug couplings
  • can be operated in tight quarters
  • A gas cock shutoff is provided in the handle. The handle is shaped to fit your hand allowing a positive grip on the coupling.

Part # Wt. (lbs)
GAW .52

Folding Pocket Spanner Wrenches

  • a compact wrench easily carried in your jacket pocket
  • designed to fit 3/4" to 3" sensible (rocker) lug and pin lug couplings

Material Part # Wt. (lbs)
aluminum PSW .30
brass PSW-B .72
die cast zinc PSW-Z .56
yellow plastic PSW-Y .27

Long Handle Suction Spanner Wrench

  • plated iron spanner for use on long handle, rocker lug, or pin lug couplings from 2-1/2" - 6"
  • open end slips over long handles for additional leverage while the claw fits rocker lugs or pin lugs, the other end can be used as a pry or crowbar
  • inverted "T" body construction for lighter weight and improved strength
  • can be used on Dixon's cam and groove pin lug or trapezoidal lug tank car adapters or 8" pin lug couplings
  • overall length 18-3/4"

Part # Wt. (lbs)
LHW 3.25
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -