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Red Head
Kwik-Tach™, SKT Series

Kwik-Tach™,  SKT Series

Vendor: Red Head

Coupling Type: Fire Hose Couplings



Coupling Category:

Fire Hose Coupling

Style SKT + Storz Kwik-Tach
Series # Hose Size Storz Size
in. in. in.
SKT-40-L 4 4 DJ
SKT-40-L 4 4 RUB COV
SKT-40-L 4 4 DJ -TD
SKT-450-L 4 5 DJ
SKT-450-L 4 5 RUB COV
SKT-450-L 4 5 DJ -TD
SKT-50-L 5 5 DJ
SKT-50-L 5 5 RUB COV
SKT-50-L 5 5 DJ -TD
SKT-540-L 5 4 DJ
SKT-540-L 5 4 RUB COV
SKT-540-L 5 4 DJ -TD
SKT-60-L 6 6

Storz re-attachable couplings for 4", 5", and 6" rubber covered or lightweight double jacketed hose.
Made of 6061-T6 lightweight aluminum alloy, then hardcoated to prevent corrosion and abrasion.
Tapered design reduces hang-up when dragging.
Re-attachable in the field, requires only a hex wrench to assemble or disassemble.
With stainless steel locks. When ordered or lightweight double jacket.

   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -