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Westco Sanitary Fittings
Hose Risers

Hose Risers

Vendor: Westco Sanitary Fittings

Coupling Type: Sanitary Couplings


Hose Risers - Sanitary - Polyethylene

Coupling Category:

Sanitary Fittings

Heavy duty hose risers elevate the hose off the floor to allow for floor drainage, keeping the hose clean and to reduce hose wear and damage. Risers are easy to install and remove with stainless steel screws that can be used over and over again. Simple machine design for easy cleaning with minimal holes and openings to prevent bacteria collection. All risers are 3/4" wide and made of high quality polyethylene. Adjustable for different hose sizes.

Size Part Number O. D. Fit Hose Sizes
1.5" SA1501HRM 6.5" 1.8"-2.15"
1.5" SA1502HRM 6.5" 2.10"-2.35"
2" SA2001HRM 7" 2.39"-2.69"
2" SA2002HRM 7" 2.65"-2.90"
3" SA3001HRM 8" 3.30"-3.75"
3" SA3002HRM 8" 3.75"-4.10"
4" SA4001HRM 8" 4.55"-5.31"
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -