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Pipe Bend 2"-5" for Concrete Placement

Pipe Bend 2"-5" for Concrete Placement

Vendor: ANCO

Coupling Type: Concrete Hose Couplings


Concrete Hose Pipe Bend

Coupling Category:

Concrete Pumping & Placement Products

  • Sold in various combinations
  • 90° and 45° elbows available
  • Size Range: from 2” to 5”

Description Weight (lbs)
Pipe Bend 2”X90°X16”, HD-HD 11.05
Pipe Bend 2.5”X90° X16”, HD-HD 12.63
Pipe Bend 3”X45° X16”, HD-HD 10.14
Pipe Bend 3”X90° X16”, HD-HD 17.70
Pipe Bend 4”X45° X18”, HD-HD 16.09
Pipe Bend 4”X90° X18”, HD-HD 29.19
Pipe Bend 5”X45° X14”, HD-HD 24.25
Pipe Bend 5”X45° X24”, HD-HD 33.07
Pipe Bend 5”X45° X48”, HD-HD 62.39
Pipe Bend 5”X90° X14”, HD-HD 49.23
Pipe Bend 5”X90° X24”, HD-HD 63.93
Pipe Bend 5”X90° X48”, HD-HD 131.39
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -