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JGB Private Brand
The Perfect Garden Hose® (PGH) / The Perfect Water Hose® (PWH)

Our Perfect Water Hose (PWH) / Perfect Garden Hose (PGH) is now available cut to length upon request!!

The Perfect Garden Hose® (PGH) / The Perfect Water Hose® (PWH)

Vendor:  JGB Private Brand

Part Number Color Inside Diameter (in.) Max WP PSI Burst Fitting A Fitting B Length (ft) Attaching Method Request a Quote
psi 20ºC / 70ºF
PGH-25-BU Blue 5/8 100 +300 M-GHT F-GHT 25 Crimp Request Quote
PGH-50-BU Blue 5/8 100 +300 M-GHT F-GHT 50 Crimp Request Quote
PGH-75-BU Blue 5/8 100 +300 M-GHT F-GHT 75 Crimp Request Quote
PGH-100-BU Blue 5/8 100 +300 M-GHT F-GHT 100 Crimp Request Quote
PGH-50-GR Green 5/8 100 +300 M-GHT F-GHT 50 Crimp Request Quote
PGH-50-RD Red 5/8 100 +300 M-GHT F-GHT 50 Crimp Request Quote

• Home
• Garden
• Landscaping
• Car/Boat/RV
• Snowmobile
• Construction
   Tube:Clear TPE
   Reinforcement:Polypropylene 2 Helix Design, Color Blue 2 ply spiral polyester fiber
   Cover:TPE with color Blue
Temperature:-20F to +158F
Packaging:Coils, coupled with heavy duty male and female garden hose Fittings.
Weight/ft (lbs): 0.130 lbs max
Colors: 25 feet - Blue
50 feet - Blue, Green, Red, Grey
100 feet - Blue



- Best Garden Hose

  • Kink Free
    Helix wrap provides crush, kink and abrasion protection
  • Maximum Flow
    Precision full flow brass fittings are crush resistant and wrench-friendly
  • Professional Grade
    Unique extruded 3-layer design Woven fiber core for strength
  • Easy Handling
    Maintains flexibility in extreme temperatures and coils easily
  • 35% Lighter
    Than conventional hoses


Hose Performance Limitations:
   Working pressure: 100 psi 70 F
   Burst pressure: > 300 psi 70 F
   Vacuum: 29” Hg



The Perfect Garden Hose’s unique polypropylene double helix construction makes this the most flexible and only “unkinkable” garden hose.

The double helix construction also allows The Perfect Garden Hose to be 35%-50% lighter than the average garden hose.  The hose is weather resistant and remains completely flexible at temperatures from -20°F to 158°F.  Its unique construction provides, abrasion, chemical, and crush resistance all while retaining superior durability.

Unlike other garden hoses, the heavy duty brass fittings are internally expanded to provide “full flow”.  The internal expansion also locks the fittings into a ribbed ferrule that “grips” the outer helical.  Using the internal expansion along with the ribbed ferrule provides the best resistance against end pull-offs and leaks.

All of these features make The Perfect Garden Hose ideal for residential and light commercial users.  The hose is as suited for washing your car, RV, or boat as it is for wash-down use in industrial plants, horse barns, and landscape applications.

Customer Reviews

"We have been testing the perfect garden hose here at Pelican Car Wash in North Palm Beach, Florida for the past 3 months. We placed it in the absolute toughest location at the finishing end of the wash where hundreds of car wash downs occur, the hose never gets a chance to be turned off and unpressurized for 10 hours every day in the hot Florida sun, and gets coiled and uncoiled countless times per day.

The hose absolutely appears to be in brand new condition and has already outlived the "LIFE TIME" hoses we would constantly purchased at the local big box builder supply store.I was so impressed that I ordered another for my home use, fully intending to install it on my dock, but when my wife found out how light it was, it got commendeered for patio use watering her countless plants and orchids.
Great job !!!"


"I would just like to send this short note to lefyou. know that your new hose has become quit a hit with many of our boat detailers here at the marina. Not only does the design keep the hose from kinking when pulled around the deck of a boat, it also slides across fiberglass without making a mark. I have used it myself with a friend in a close quarter situation where normal rubber hoses would have folded and stopped the flow of the water pump we were using. I m sure the Tuff Guard will be beneficial while performing many other duties around our marina.
Very nice product!"


"My main use for the Tuff-Guard Perfect Garden Hose is for bathing my dogs.  I have a 92-lb German Shepherd and another 40-lb dog that I typically bathe in the fenced yard.  When the ordinary hose “kinks”, it allows the dogs to get away from me while I try to straighten out the hose and re-gain pressure to hose them down.  The Tuff-Guard hose keeps the same water pressure from start to finish thus making bathing time much shorter.  Consequently, happier canines and a happier me.  I highly recommend the Tuff-Guard Perfect Garden Hose to the individual homeowner and pet enthusiast.  It’s the last hose I intend to own. "

Kathryn Kulpinski
Clay, New York



TANIQ - Reinforced Rubber Technology

JGB has worked with TANIQ to obtain a kink-free hose construction. To achieve this TANIQ has designed a fiber reinforcement and helix construction that does just that. TANIQ is specialized in optimizing reinforcement structures and in the automated application of reinforcement and rubber materials. To her customers TANIQ supplies design software and (robotic) production equipment to manufacture reinforced rubber products such as industrial hoses, dredge hoses, expansion joints, pipe-plugs, etc.

   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -