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Atlantex MFG
Gasket & Wire Products

Gasket & Wire Products

Type:  Hose Products & Accessories

Vendor:  Atlantex MFG


Gasketing for oven doors, textile dryers, food chambers, paint ovens, test chambers, furnaces and kilns, heat breaks in ducting, etc. Atlantex can provide fabricated gaskets to specific print requirements.

Wire Products

Knitted wire cable hollow and solid core constructions of Stainless Steel, Inconel and Monel for gasket and shielding applications. Knitted wire cable diameters 1/4" thru 1-1/2" for both soft and resilient sealing requirements. Wire constructions are used as filler for high temperature tadpole gaskets or as a stand alone gasket.

Knitted Wire Mesh Cable:

Atlantex manufactures both solid and hollow knitted wire mesh cables for a variety of applications. Most commonly used as a resilient core component for high temperature tadpole gasket or seals.

The knitted wire mesh cable when combined with high temperature textile fabric material provides an effective heavy or light duty compression/recovery product for industrial gasket and seal applications.

Mesh cable products also used to provide EMI/RMI shielding and gasketing protection for sensitive electronic cabinetry and enclosures.

Standard size range:

  • Round 1/4" – 1-3/8"
  • Flat tapes: 1" – 3" widths


Stainless Steel or Inconel

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High Temperature Fiberglass Tadpole Gaskets

Tadpole fiberglass constructions made in continuous lengths containing a resilient bulb with sealing performance to 1000F. The unique braided construction allows the product to turn corners without notching or mitering and eliminates bunching for a smooth radius installation.

Woven texturized fiberglass tadpoles for service to 1000 degrees F are available for heavy duty applications providing a thicker and high density sealing surface.


Standard bulb sizes of 3/8" to 1" and overall widths to 2 1/2"

Bulb Options:

  • Fiberglass dense core - limited compression and recovery
  • Hollow core SS - low compression and spring recovery
  • Solid Mesh Core SS - firm and compressible lasting resiliency good recovery

Additional Product Options

  • Over-braided ropes
  • Wire cores and mesh
  • Silicone coated ropes
  • Wire jacketed ropes
  • Custom constructions by design
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