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3770 Non-Conductive Twin-Line and Multi-Line Hose

3770 Non-Conductive Twin-Line and Multi-Line Hose

Type:  Hydraulic Hose

Vendor:  Synflex

• SAE J517 Non-Conductive Hose Construction. Less Than 50 Micro-Amperes Leakage When Subjected to 75,000 volts/ft for 5 Minutes
• Eliminates Abrasion Caused by Relative Movement of Adjacent Hoses
• Flat Profile Is Flexible and Compact
• Broad Temperature and Pressure Ranges
• Special Separation Tool to Prevent Damage: Part No. 4574-01000

• General Hydraulics Systems That May Contact High Voltage Sources
• Aerial Equipment
• Mobile Machinery
• Hose Retractors and Sheave Routings
• Rescue Tools

• NON-CONDUCTIVE Marking and Color Code
• Orange Polyurethane Non-Perforated Cover
• Most Synflex Non-Conductive Hoses Can Be Permanently Joined to Form Twin-Line or Multi-Line Design
• Hoses Form Flat Assembly

Part Number Number of Hoses Nominal I.D. Synflex Hose Series Request a Quote
in mm
3770-27A33 2 1/4 6.4 37AL Request Quote
3770-27A53 2 3/8 9.5 37AL Request Quote
3770-27A63 2 1/2 12.7 37AL Request Quote
   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -