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Solenoid Valve 21WN3-4 (FKM seal)

Solenoid Valve 21WN3-4 (FKM seal)

Vendor: Granzow

Valve Type(s):
Solenoid Valve

Valve Description:

These are very high flow solenoid valves and are available in 3/8" and 1/2" pipe sizes. The minimum pressure differential is 2 psig and the maximum is 230 psig. The pressure rating is for both AC and DC voltages. Valves in this series are available with NBR seals and FKM seals. These solenoid valves are a very popular type of valve for use in the automotive industry.

Sealing Material: FKM
Medium examples: Air, Inert gas, Water, Synthetic Oils
Temperature range: 14°-280° F

Valve Category:

General Purpose

Valve Subcategory

2-way, Internally Piloted, Normally Closed

Materials of Construction
Body: Brass
Armature Tube: Stainless Steel 300
Fixed Core: Stainless Steel 400
Plunger: Stainless Steel 400
Spring: Stainless Steel 300
Shading Ring: Copper

Electric Connection
Rating: NEMA 4
Strain Relief Connector: Model 009
1/2" Conduit Connector: Model 010
6 ft. Power Cord: Model GRN100

Series 21WN3-4 solenoid valve models, with FKM sealing:
Model # Pipe Size
Orifice Size
Flow Factor
Watt Rating
Min. Pressure
Max Pressure
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21WN3K0V130 3/8" 1/2" 4.10 8 2 230/230 Request Quote
21WN4K0V130 1/2" 1/2" 4.80 8 2 230/230 Request Quote
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