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Dixon Bayco / Air / Pressure Relief Valves

Dixon Bayco / Air / Pressure Relief Valves

Vendor: Dixon Bayco

Valve Type(s):
Miscellaneous Valves and Accessories

Valve Description:

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  • Designed to relieve air pressure at a specific pressure setting (customer to advise when ordering - typical setting 15-25 PSI)
  • Refers to the choice of pressure settings provided. Customer needs to request the required settings when ordering.
  • Air Relief Flow Rates:
    A2180 up to 500 SCFM
    A2182 up to 1400 SCFM
    A3180 up to 1300 SCFM
  • All 2180 and 2182 series valves use white food grade, high temperature elastomer diaphragms.
  • Tamper proof safety is improved by replacing old wire/lead seals with new more secure cup seals.
  • In the US the customer can choose the preset pressure tolerance:
    a) the conventional tolerance is set pressure 3/-0 PSI
    b) the "A" absolute tolerance is set pressure 1/-0 PSI. The tighter tolerance air reliefs are designated with the prefix "A".(A2180, A3180, A2182)
  • For the Canadian market only the "A" or absolute ( 1/-0 PSI) tolerance air reliefs are available.

Safety Note: Air/vacuum relief valves must be regularly inspected, cleaned and maintained. Product particles can prevent the valve from fully re-seating which can lead to early opening/leakage from the valve or can prevent it from opening at all.

For ease of removal and installation, to allow for inspections, cleaning and maintenance all 2180 and 2182 series air relief valves are available with either male cam and groove or vic grooved connections.
Relief Valve Flow Rates vary depending on the preset relief pressure, contact us for specific relief rates .

Valve Category:

Dry Bulk Products

Valve Subcategory

Air / Pressure Relief Valves

2180 - Designed for trailer service
Part # Description
A2180/xxADJ adjustable 2" female NPT
A3180/xxADJ adjustable 3" female NPT
2180/xx 2" female NPT
A2180/xx 2" female NPT
3180/xx 3" female NPT
A3180/xx 3" female NPT
2180B/xx 2" adapter
A2180B/xx 2" adapter
2180V/xx 2" grooved end
A2180V/xx 2" grooved end

The 2182 has advantages over other similar sized air relief valves.
It provides nearly four times the relieving capacity and is constructed with an anti-galling anodized aluminum base, which reduces weight.
Even though the 2182 is physically larger than the 2180 both weigh approximately 4 lbs.
The 2182 has a silicone rubber coated poppet which reduces the tendency of products that "cake" such as cement, lime and flour to stick to the poppet.

2182 -Designed for high capacity blower or trailer service
Part # Description
2182F/xx 2" female NPT
A2182F/xx 2" female NPT
2182/xx 2" male NPT
A2182/xx 2" male NPT
2182B/xx 2" adapter
A2182B/xx 2" adapter
2182V/xx 2" grooved end
A2182V/xx 2" grooved end

Part # Description
2215/xx 2" male
  • Medium performance displacement
  • For temperature applications to 500°F
  • All metal construction (no diaphragm)
  • With tamper proof seal
  • 2" male inlet made of anti-galling material

/xx refers to the choice of pressure settings provided. Customer needs to request the required settings when ordering.
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