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Dixon Bayco / Air Relief Tester

Dixon Bayco / Air Relief Tester

Vendor: Dixon Bayco

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Miscellaneous Valves and Accessories

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Dry Bulk Products

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Air Relief Tester

This test stand is designed to duplicate the setting and testing conditions at our factory.
Unit has ASME approved pressure vessel with stored air capacity to provide the proper flow of air during testing cycle.
High flow air regulator with the flow needed to conduct a proper function test of Bayco air relief valves.
Unit is provided with a test platform to safely hold air relief valve in test stand.
This also allows for the safe disassembly and reassembly of valve for internal inspection or repair.

Part # - DB9000
  • Use shop air supply to test Bayco air relief valves
  • ASME approved tank with safety pop off
  • 20 gallon tank
  • High flow pressure regulator
  • Safely test and repair Bayco air relief valves

This simple and low cost unit is designed to use air supply from a truck mounted or stationary blower package to test air relief valves.
Unit can be assembled to test valves in the vertical or horizontal position the same as they are mounted in service.
Locking cam and groove couplers ensure safe operation.
Unit can be assembled to test male or female threaded air relief valves.
Includes liquid filled stainless steel gauge for high accuracy.
Modular design can be assembled quickly and taken apart for easy storage.

Part # - DB9001

  • Can be assembled to test valve in vertical or horizontal position
  • Uses air supply from blower unit to test valve
  • Liquid filled stainless steel gauge
  • Modular design can be assembled quickly
   WARNING: Cancer and
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