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Suction Hose

Suction Hose - Waste Hauling & Septic

Our line of Suction Hoses consisting of Plastic, PVC, Rubber, EPDM and NBR including Bulk and Custom Hose Assemblies is now welcoming our newest addition, The Eagle Honey Bee Wastewater Suction hose. Recent demand, and our growing footprint in the Liquid Waste Management industry has prompted us to expand on our already extensive line of suction hose, hose assemblies, and accessories.

We offer a complete line of quick disconnect camlocks, valves, strainers, and more to complement our suction hose. Choosing the proper fittings for your suction hose and application is crucial in the safety, performance and lifespan of the hose. The best way to receive the proper Suction Hose & accessories for your application, is to speak with one of our experienced hose specialists. Keep your vacuum trucks and pumps running strong with only the best from JGB.

As always JGB Enterprises delivers the quality hose products you’ve come to trust!

Rubber Suction Hose

Rubber Suction Hose is key when looking for a heavy-duty water suction and discharge hose.

The limber construction of a rubber hose makes maneuvering in any area a success. When flooding and other excess liquids become an inconvenience, JGB Enterprises has the solution for you with our line of rubber suction hose. We deliver the stability in our hose that you depend on while retaining great flexibility in both cold and hot weather. Our hoses resist mildew and any absorption that may occur with other hoses.  Designed for pumping water and other fluids in construction, agricultural, rental, municipal, landscaping and other applications.
As always JGB Enterprises delivers the quality hose products you’ve come to trust.

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PVC Suction Hose

Our PVC Suction Hose provides the support and stability you’re looking for on the job.

Eagle Green/Clear PVC hose is a lightweight and highly flexible PVC suction hose that features a smooth bore inner and outer surface, an ellipse shaped helix that sustains strength without adding thickness, all with an excellent vacuum rating of 29 in/HG. Our Eagle clear offers the same excellent benefits while also allowing the user to monitor flow, see where clogs happen. JGB’s PVC suction hose is an excellent alternative for applications where only light chemical resistance is needed. Some applications include, Agriculture liquid fertilizer, drain lines, irrigation lines, all kinds of pumps, and standard duty water suction. Eagle Green/Clear PVC suction hoses are great for mining applications as well. So, if you’re looking for an economical, ultra-flexible, lightweight PVC suction hose, our Eagle Green/Clear PVC Suction Hose is a no brainer!
As always JGB Enterprises delivers the quality hose products you’ve come to trust

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Plastic Suction Hose

By extending our platform in the liquid waste and septic industry with our all new Eagle Honey Bee Suction Hose,

JGB Enterprises presents our customers with premium results that only our Eagle brand hoses can offer. The Honey Bee Wastewater suction hose demonstrates multiple key solutions to assist you while on the job. The crush resistant construction and easy helix exterior makes for easy navigation across rough surfaces to reduce fatigue and improve productivity. These lightweight and highly flexible suction hoses, including the Eagle Honey bee hose will allow you the control, stability and durability that falls short in other brands. Industrial or standard Pumps, Residential and Commercial Properties, construction dewatering, and standard-duty water suction are just a few applications where our Eagle brand suction hoses will enhance job performance.
As always JGB Enterprises delivers the quality hose products you’ve come to trust

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