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Concrete Pipe, Elbows, & Reducers

Concrete Pipe, Elbows, & Reducerse - Concrete Pumping & Placement Products
JGB Enterprises concrete connection products such as Concrete Pipe, Elbows & Reducers deliver a high performing solution to maintaining a smooth full flow transfer of concrete, shotcrete, wet or dry cement mixtures, gravel, sand, grout, plaster and lime through your concrete placement hoses. Our concrete boom pipes, deck pipes, elbows and reducers are abrasion and erosion resistant reducing re-handling and improving job performance.
Durable, reliable, heavy-duty products are required when working in the concrete industry and JGB delivers that to every customer with our concrete pumping and placement hose, hose assemblies and concrete accessories.

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Concrete Pipe

JGB Enterprises Concrete Placement Pipe transfers some of the most abrasive and erosive products in the concrete industry. The resistance and durability of our concrete pipes outlast competitors in performance and quality.

Our high-quality concrete pipes transfer everything from concrete, shotcrete, and wet or dry cement to gravel, sand and more. When requiring heavy-duty strength and reliability for your application, JGB delivers with our concrete boom pipes, deck pipes, slick line pipes, twin wall pipes and our concrete pipe bends.

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Concrete Elbows

Concrete Placement Elbows allow for the best connection from pipe to hose or pipe to pipe allowing easy hassle-free flow of concrete, dry cement, gravel, shotcrete, sand and more.

The high levels of abrasive product that concrete and cement mixtures consist of, requires high performing systems that won’t break down. JGB supplies strong durable and long lasting concrete systems for easy handling in field. Our concrete boom elbows, twin wall elbows and reducing elbows give you every angle you need during your concrete application.

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Concrete Hose Steel Reducers

Our Concrete Pumping and Placement Steel Reducers are a high-quality connection system that allows concrete placement pipe and concrete pump hose to easily attach from one size to another for a full flow transfer of product.

JGB Enterprises delivers you a simple and efficient solution to connect your concrete hose, pipes and elbows of all sizes. Concrete, wet or dry cement, grout, shotcrete, sand and gravel will flow effortlessly through our concrete steel reducers ensuring no buildup or erosion and increasing job performance.

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