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Neptune™ Flotation Pipe Floats

Olmsted Lock & Dam Project
Olmsted Lock & Dam Project.

Pipe Floats fits pipe sizes ranging from 6” to 30”


Pipe Floats fits pipe sizes ranging from 6” to 30”

How it works...

Clamp Tite™ technology ensures that Neptune™ Floats will not slip on your pipeline. Compression points strategically placed throughout
the Neptune™ Float compress and add friction to the dredge pipeline ensuring no slippage.

Clamp Tite™
This optional feature compresses and adds friction to the pipeline preventing
slippage. Neptune Flotation is proud to be the only supplier that has offered a
solution to this common issue.
This feature solves common storage and transporting problems. Built in legs on the bottom of the float and molded-in recesses on the top of float allow for easy loading & unloading of containers & trucks using fork or hand trucks.
Manual loading is no longer required
Tapered Ends on the outside of the Pipe Float decrease water and wind resistance.
Tapered ends on the inside of float allow the pipeline to move freely.
Safety Light
Clamp Tite™ ensures that Neptune™ Floats are secured onto the pipeline, allowing for easy installation of a safety light. This provides a complete solution for floating and marking dredge pipeline while meeting Coast Guard regulations.
Safety Whip Flag
Alternate Neptune™ Floats with a Safety Whip Flag for improved daytime visibility.

Features & Benefits


Outside Diameter Inside Diameter Overall Length Buoyancy at 50% Request a Quote
in mm in mm in mm lbs kgs
36 914 14 350 44 1118 275 125 Request Quote