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Airless Paint Spray Hose

JGB's EZ-Kote® Airless Paint Spray Hose

If you are looking for a superior hose for your high pressure paint spray needs, you have come to the right place.

JGB Enterprises, Inc. is home to the private branded EZ-Kote® Airless Paint Spray Hose.

Airless Paint Spray Hose - Paint Spray Hose

EZ-Kote® Airless Paint Spray Hose - Paint Spray Hose

Why is JGB's EZ-Kote® so superior? The proof is in the product.

EZ-Kote®Airless Paint Spray Hose key features:

EZ-Kote® Airless Paint Spray Hose applications:

A high pressure conductive hose suitable for conveying paints, fuels, oils, and most other solvents. EZ Kote®Hose is recommended for applications where an electrostatic charge must be eliminated.

JGB offers:

JGB also features other paint transfer hoses with lower working pressures to satisfy your paint spray needs. Like the EZ-Kote®, these hoses offer the best quality at affordable prices to ensure a long, useful product life and performance that speaks for itself.

Goodyear's Horizon Hose

An economical air and water hose, Horizon® hose is for a wide range of industrial, construction and agricultural applications.

Goodyear Horizon® 250 Hose - Airless Paint Spray Hose

Goodyear's NR Spray Hose

NR Spray Hose is a premium-quality, all-purpose hose for handling a variety of applications such as paint spray or agricultural spray. Will handle spraying paints, automotive finish paints, lacquers, thinners, turpentine, air, oil and a large variety of solvents and chemicals.

Goodyear NR Spray Hose - Airless Paint Spray Hose