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Pipe Storage Rack / Hose Storage Rack

Yard space is always at a premium, and with product continually moving in and out, you need a storage system designed to handle this tough environment.

JGB’s Pipe/Hose Storage Racks increase storage space, improve efficiency in transport, and prevent pipe damage. Racks are transportable and stackable, and have heavy-duty loading fork sleeves on all sides for easy loading onto a flatbed trailer.

Job site tough, JGB’s Pipe/Hose Storage Racks will also decrease assembly and disassembly on long pipe runs.

039-PIPERACK-L 41-1/2 X 96
039-PIPERACK-XL 48 X 216


Foot Pads

6” X 6” target leg pads provide a sturdy base for stacking.

Fork Sleeves

Two sets of fork sleeves allow for easy moving of racks.

Removable Posts

Leg posts are removable for ease of shipping, storage and assembly.

Pipe Storage Rack /Hose Storage Rack
Pipe Storage Rack /Hose Storage Rack
Pipe Storage Rack /Hose Storage Rack